We provide an easy-to-access insurance solution for a variety of nonprofit organizations. Maintaining proper insurance is imperative to protecting your nonprofit organization and your mission, and USLI understands how crucial it is to secure comprehensive coverage. Our expansive policy options offer a variety of specifically tailored coverages to meet your needs.


Houses of Worship

With 4,000 brand new places of worship opening every year, this all-in-one product is designed to meet the needs of your house of worship operation. Our product specializes in covering small community, start-ups, storefront or inner city operations for all types of religious faiths and denominations.

With a variety of tailored coverages that can be purchased together or separately, out policy offers the peace of mind you deserve, and we understand that religious organizations are a sacred place for members and guests.


Social Services

Our Social Services product provides coverage to a wide variety of nonprofits that are considered community service organizations. Examples of these organizations include animal shelters, food banks, soup kitchens, thrift stores and youth community centers, to name a few.

Many of the fields within social service organizations are predicted to grow substantially over the next several years, and we realize that proper coverage for a growing sector is critical.


Arts & Culture

The arts nonprofit sector supplies millions of jobs to people living in the U.S. and helps boost our economy every year. Organizations like museums, comedy groups, orchestras, theatrical groups and libraries are referred to as “economy boosters” and need the right coverage in place now more than ever.

Our Arts & Culture product offers protection to those groups listed above and many more. We understand the challenges facing these nonprofits and are here to help.


Membership Organization

Chambers of commerce, foundations and booster clubs are just a few types of membership-based and office-based organizations that need a solid insurance policy.

These organizations are, at times, under pressure to generate revenue and maintain financial stability with limited resources. Insurance should not be an afterthought; though many organizations view it as a long process, USLI can provide affordable options with unparalleled speed and support.

How do I learn more about USLI insurance products and buy coverage?

Submit a request online to receive more information and get connected to a USLI appointed agent near you.


Additional featured products:

Youth Sports

Specifically designed for youth sports organizations with athletic participants up to the age of 18. Sports include but are not limited to baseball, football, soccer, basketball, golf and tennis.

Community Associations

Geared toward residential condominium associations and homeowner associations. We are able to provide coverage for common areas, swimming pools, club houses, streets and roads, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Fraternal Clubs

We offer comprehensive coverage for fraternal organizations, such as VFW’s, American Legions, Masonic Lodges, Fraternal Order of Eagles and Knights of Columbus.

Premises Coverage

Our Premises Preferred product services nonprofit organizations that only want or need premises liability, typically to meet the landlord’s requirements.